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Lets Get Cookin'

Chocolate Fudge Cookies

Toronto is so pretty this time of the year. The cloudless skies, the blooming trees, the crisp fresh air and the longer days. So invigorating. Seeing those tiny little buds sprouting out of the trees after the long stark winters is cathartic in so many ways. It has made me mindful of the resilience of nature all around us. My mom always says that since we are all made of the same earth, we carry similar elements to all the living beings on this planet within us in a larger sense. Seeing the little leaves and flowers blossoming all around me has been such a revelation. No matter how hard life gets, no matter how tough times are, no matter how exhausted you feel standing out bare in the cold, never forget, the summer will always be around the corner to bring you warmth, to bring you comfort and to bring you sunny hope. Most important of it all is, the strength lies within us.  

Now only if I had the resilience to resist these Fudge cookies. Think of a gorgeous fudge brownie and think of …

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