Saturday, March 30, 2013

Breakfast in Bed

So day after day, week after week, we wake up, get dressed, put on a smile and go to work. Well some of us are lucky enough that they do a job they love, but who is talking about those lucky fudgers! The rest of us, yes, like you and I.....rely on the weekends to indulge. And hey what better way to indulge than to begin your day with a feel-great-breakfast! 

Alright. Who cares about how I introduce this to you, but one thing's for sure. Once you make my version of a saturday breakfast (pancakes on Sunday- give me a High-5) you'll feel recharged for the weekend! Oh Yeah! Recharged for the weekend, if you get my drift... :) 

So get ready peeps for bread n eggs Ki style! 

Serves: 1 (hey, be nice, share) 

Time taken: 20 mins

Complexity: **

You'll need

2 eggs (per person)
2-3 mushrooms, thinly sliced
1 fresh jalapeno pepper, sliced thinly or few slices of green bell pepper
couple pieces of sun dried tomato (I slow roast mine like this)
4-5 black pitted olives, sliced
1/2 red onion, sliced vertically from half moons
Salt to taste
Freshly ground black pepper
Dried herbs (I used Oregano)
1 tsp butter/ drizzle of olive oil

4 large spoons pesto (Recipe below)
1 loaf of crusty bread (I purchased ready garlic bread)
Mozzarella cheese (Use Parmesan, cheddar, goat's cheese, whatever floats your boat)
Some freshly ground black pepper (optional) 
a whole lotta love! 


Preheat your oven at 180C or 350F. 

Slice your loaf of bread horizontally into half. 

Open it up and spread pesto all over it like so. 

Once thats done, close the loaf of bread by joining the two halves. 

Cover the entire loaf securely with foil and place it in the oven. 

Let this get toasted for about 10 mins. This will heat the bread through and give a chance for the pesto to seep deep into the bread. It will also help firm up the crust of the bread. 

After 10 mins or so, take the bread out of the oven and carefully pull apart the foil. Open the bread and inhale the aroma...mmmmm........

Now take the cheese of your choice and spread it over the pesto flavoured bread. Sprinkle some freshly ground black pepper over it. 

Pop it back into the oven for another 10 mins, but this time don't join the halves.Let the cheese get golden brown on the top and the bread is toasted around the edges. 

For the omelette, take two eggs

Whisk them in a bowl. Whisk then vertically so they incorporate the maximum amount of air in them. Thats what makes an omelette fluffy. Add salt and pepper to them. You can add a splash of milk if you like, but I didn't. 

Heat a skillet on a medium flame. Drizzle the oil or melt your butter. If you're using butter, add a couple drops of oil to stop the butter from burning. 

On a different note, don't judge me by my old pans, I love this one for the perfect little size that this is! I will replace this only when I get an exact replica, otherwise this goes with me to my grave. Capisce?!

Moving on, add some onions to the skillet and saute till they start to soften up a bit. 

Add in your sliced mushrooms and jalapeno pepper/ bell pepper. 

Saute for another minute before adding dry herbs of your choice. I added oregano. Saute for a second before adding the whisked eggs to this. 

Give it a good old stir so the onions, mushrooms and peppers are evenly distributed through the runny eggs. 

Now when you see the eggs getting opaque, place the slow roasted tomatoes on it along with the olives. Did you think I'd forget my sprinkling of love?! 

Let it cook for about 2 minutes till you see the edges turn golden brown and the top is all cooked. Lift the omelette with a metal spatula and place it on your plate.  

Take the delicious toasted cheesy heavenly pesto-y bread out from the oven and carefully slice through the golden cheese. Pile up the pieces on your plate and dig into your saturday morning breakfast with gusto! Indulge!! 

Pesto Recipe

Take about 3 cupful of basil leaves
1 cupful parsley leaves 
3-4 cloves garlic (I like mine garlicky so I went with 6 cloves garlic)
Juice and zest of one lemon
drizzle of olive oil
1/2 cup pine nuts/ walnuts/ cashews (mixture of the nuts will also do) 
1/3 cup parmesan cheese 

Blend these all in a blender. Keep adding olive oil as per requirement. The pesto should be smooth and glossy and most importantly vibrant green. If you like a kick to your pesto, add a green chili to the mix and then blend it all together. Your pesto is done! Serve it as a dip or as works everytime! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Indian Veggie TIkka Burgers

Alright. Confession. This is one of my most favourite things to eat on the planet! Well, who am I kidding?! This is my go to meal almost every 3rd night in the week. Only because its so easy to make or maybe because its so delicious, or hey maybe because its healthy.. who knows! I just love it and thats that. 

I'm talking about vegetarian burgers. I remember my mom making these when me and my brother were growing up. It was her sneaky way to make us eat the vegetables we so adamantly refused to eat otherwise. Afterall, whats not to love. Bread- yum, butter- yumm, veggie tikkas- yummmy, the crunchiness, the flavours.. yum yumm yumm.... go ahead, give it a go and tell me if I'm wrong! 

Serves: 4

Complexity: ***

Time taken: 30 mins 

You'll need

2 boiled potatoes, peeled and coarsely mashed.
1 cup green peas
1 cup corn kernels
1 cup finely diced carrots
2 green chilies (1 if you are feeling less adventurous) finely chopped
1" pc ginger grated 
Handful of fresh coriander leaves
1 tsp red chili powder/ paprika
1 tsp dry mango powder
1 tsp dry coriander powder
1 tsp roasted cumin powder
salt to taste
2-3 tbsp plain flour
green chutney (recipe here
1 tomato, thinly sliced (optional)
lettuce leaves (optional)
1 onion, finely sliced (optional)
2 tbsp butter
4 burger buns (wheat or regular, your choice) 
pinch of love


Get your veggies together in a biggish bowl.

First in go the potatoes

Then the corn kernels (boiled)

The carrots

The peas (boiled)

The green chilies (switch the order, the veggies won't mind, I promise!) 

Next add in the spices

Starting with grated ginger

In goes the red chili powder

The dry mango powder

The dry coriander powder (I like to dry roast it before adding it to the mix, just brings out the flavour)

The dry roasted cumin powder (dry roast 1 tsp cumin in a pan till it turns brown. Grind it coarsely with a mortar n pestle)

Also, imagine a picture taken while I added salt. 

Wash a bunch of coriander leaves and chop them coarsely. Use the stems as well. 

Don't forget to add your pinch of love! 

Now with your clean hands, mix it all together. Get in and give them all a good squish with your fingers till the spices are evenly distributed. I have done this with spoons as well, but doing it with my own fingers always gives me better results. 

Now that the veggies are all mashed up together, take about a golf ball sized chunk and shape it round. Flatten it up and your veggie tikka is ready to be cooked. It should roughly be the diameter of your burger bun or about 3". 

Dredge it in plain flour so it holds together when you cook it. This also gives a crunchy crust to the Tikka. 

Heat a skillet on medium heat. Add about 1 tsp oil to it. Let it heat up for a couple minutes. Place the tikka carefully in the skillet. 

You should hear a sizzle when you do that. Let it cook on each side for about 2-3 minutes or till golden brown on each side. 

Your tikkas are ready to be served up in the burgers. You can ofcourse omit the bread and just have these tikkas as appetizers with various dips and chutneys. 

For assembling the burger, take the burger bun, cut it horizontally in the middle. Apply butter to each side and place on a griddle/ skillet till it gets golden. You could also toast it if you like to add a little crunch to your burgers. 

Spread about 1 tbsp of green mint chutney on the burger slice. 

Place your lettuce leaves and tomato slices on it. 

Now place your Veggie Tikka. 

(Top it up with cheese slice if you want, I omitted this...what was I thinking?!!) 

Pile on the thinly sliced onion and cover it with the other half of the bun. 

Deliciousness piled up in front of you! I love having this with ketchup.... Indulge! :) 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sauteed Diva Veggies

I am sure you have one of those days when you just fumble about in the kitchen and come up with something so bloody fantastic that you decide the recipe is going to make you happy every time you make it for the rest of your life! 

But Shhhhhh...the former part's supposed to be a secret! 

I am really proud to share this one with you guys. Its knock your socks off delicious and healthy to eat! The best part is you can improvise. Add/ subtract the veggies and be proud of yourself for making this fabulous veggie dish! 

And yes I named them Sauteed Diva Veggies because they will please your inner diva when you make it, make you feel like one when you eat it and it is the prima donna of all the sauteed veggies I have ever eaten. 

And please do forgive me this time....I didn't think I'd be sharing this on the blog and hence I don't have pics while I was making it. So you'll have to just do with my instructions this time! :) 

Serves: 4

Complexity: **

Time taken: 20 mins

You'll need

2-3 carrots, peeled, washed, thinly sliced into 2" long pcs
2 cups green beans, washed and cut in almost same length as carrots
1 packet mushrooms about 12-15 pcs, sliced.
4 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 1/2 tbsp salted butter
1 tbsp olive oil
4-5 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp red chili flakes/ paprika/ fresh black pepper
salt to taste
dry herbs of your choice. I used 1 tsp dried oregano and 1 tsp dried basil
Pinch of love


Have your veggies rinsed, dried, cut and ready. Feel free to use bell peppers, broccoli, corn, peas, squash, zucchini...whatever rocks your boat. 

In a saute pan, take the olive oil and butter on a medium low flame. Add the minced garlic to that. Let the butter melt and the garlic saute. Garlic butter..........mmmmmm insanely delicious! 

Saute for about 2 mins till you see the garlic become completely opaque and turn golden on the sides. Add the red chili flakes (or your choice of pepper) and give it a stir. 

Now increase the flame to high and pour in the balsamic vinegar. But be careful. It will sizzle. Reduce the flame to medium high and let the sauce reduce. Keep stirring intermittently. 

Let it reduce to half and then go ahead and plonk your veggies inside. Give it a good stir so the veggies are all coated with the buttery balsamic-y sauce. Add the salt and dried herbs. Sprinkle your pinch of love and then cover with a lid for about 5 mins on a medium flame. 

Let the veggies steam and the flavours get to know each other better. You can steam them for as long or as little as you like depending how much crunch you like your veggies to have. I went with steaming them for 5-7 mins and they still had a crunch but the flavours had seeped in well. 

Serve it up in a bowl and eat as a side dish with you proteins and salads. I had mine on the side of pesto spaghetti and some fruits. Yummm..... Indulge! :)